July 4, 2016 Márton Krauter

After a stupendous performance Rescube Robotics is heading back home

With the gala-dinner last evening and the symposium today the 2016 RoboCup World Championship has officially ended. During the last week Rescube Robotics has achieved the most amazing success of its short history. Let us see the details:

  • In the main competition, the RoboCup Rescue Robot League we were finally ranked 9th out of the 19 international teams – overtaking some very prestigious and experienced teams.
  • Besides the main competition there were six special contests organized for the teams mostly around some specific skills (i.e. dexterity, mapping, mobility etc.). We have participated at the competition for the outdoor transportation robots (Best Outdoor CarryBot) and we have won the 1st place with a strong advantage.
  • Much to our surprise we have won the RoboCup Design Award provided by the Japanese Flower Robotics one of main sponsors of RoboCup, thus recognizing our custom, ingenious and innovative solutions.

We are pretty much exhausted but of course as happy and enthusiastic as we have no words for that.

This is the time to express our gratitude to our sponsors for their generous support. ThyssenKrupp and Óbuda University have provided significant financial and equipment support for our team:

Óbuda University


Several companies contributed with all kinds of equipment to us: Optoforce with sensors, AccessPoint with network devices and BPS with uninterruptible power supplies:



Last but not least we would like to say thank you to everyone: friends, spouses, colleagues who supported us either directly or indirectly.

On the cover picture the Rescube Robotics team members from left to right: Miklós Márton, Márton Krauter, Zoltán Abonyi, Dávid Dudás, Mátyás Borvendég, Péter Kopiás, Imre Petrovszki. Roland Pócs had to leave earlier and missing from the photo, so here is one of he guarding the robot during one of the competitions:


We are on the highway near Brno, but stay tuned for a more detailed blog post with lots of pictures…