May 13, 2018 Péter Kopiás

RoboCup Success

We’ve visited the RoboCup German Open 2018 held in Magdeburg, Germany, that is the only european round of RoboCup Major Rescue League.

Our latest robot called “R18”, is similar to the last two years competition robots, but it’s built from ground up, and we’ve made a lot of enhancements along the way:
– the arm is more precise, lighter, stronger, longer and it has a larger workspace (at the same time!)
– we’re using more cameras, more viewpoints, with better image quality, and we’ve reduced the network bandwidth when driving
– cleanup of the upper deck resulted in more free space for the arm, and the height of the robot is reduced
– onboard processing power increased
– lower total weight
– wheels got more grip and they are more durable now
– multiple operator helper / automatic features
– little tricks here and there
– more aesthetically pleasing appearance

We’ve spent a lot of energy on the development, and it worth it, as Team Rescube scored:
– Best in Class Mobility: 1st place
– Best in Class Dexterity: 1st place
– Best in Class Small Size Robot: 1st place
– Overall Rescue League: 2nd place

RoboCup Awards

Lots of Awards

Out Robot worked flawlessly from day one, reliably scored points even on the most challenging terrains and during the most complex dexterity tasks. The whole week went down without repair!

The success of our small delegation – Zoltan Abonyi, Matyas Borvendeg and Peter Kopias – of course is built on the work, help and support of our friends, family and team members still in Hungary, or around the world. Thank you for your enthusiasm and efforts!

We’d like to thank AccessPoint Kft. for the reliable wireless network solution they provided, Tamás Sándor’s help so that Óbudai University Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering supported our travel, and Götz Kft. helped us in gathering the perfect materials in the last minute!

Here’s the short summary video we’ve compiled, showing the robot on simple, and more challenging terrains and solving the dexterity tasks:

Oh, and here’s a surprise link to the World Robot Summit with a Disaster Recovery robot competition to be held in Tokyo this October. Watashi wa hotondo nihongo o hanasemasen.