Plans for 2018

Dear Friends,

We’ve been very busy at the end of last year. As you might have heard, after our visit to Enrich, some of us have entered and later won the IAEA Robotics Challenge – with our Unmanned Surface Vessel.

Of course while that spin-off took some time from us, we’re still on track with the Search and Rescue robot, and we’re heading to Magdeburg, Germany to meet our friends at the RoboCup German Open 2018

We’re rebuilding the R18 robot similar to the previous one, but with more refined parts and tuned software.

Have a look at the new gripper that’s much more compact and lightweight than in 2017, and it’s also stronger at the same time.

Compact gripper for the R18 robot arm.

As we don’t have the resources to visit the RoboCup WorldCup in Canada this year, we will focus on the German Open, and aim at the RoboCup WorldCup of 2019 (Sydney).

If you are interested in building robots with us, drop us a line here in the contact box, and let’s have a chat.

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