September 8, 2018 Péter Kopiás

Rescube visits World Robot Summit 2018 in Japan

We are very happy to let you know that Team Rescube will visit Tokyo this October to enter the World Robot Summit 2018 event.

Surprise, surprise! We will compete in the Standard Disaster Robotics category.

Of course disaster recovery is a hot topic in Japan and they are keen in robotics, so this is a natural place to organize such a worldwide event.

Since this years RoboCup German Open, we’ve made our arm more dexterous, and rebuilt the robot to be more modular, maintainable and transportable.

Let’s meet our friends from Australia, Austria, Germany, India again and hope to get new friends from Japan too!

We might revisit WRS2020 when they will organize the robotics competition aligned with the Olimpics 2020. The disaster robotics challenges will be held at a testing replica of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

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