Custom electronics

Our new PCB panels have arrived!

Printed circuit boards before assembly

Printed circuit boards before assembly

The boards:
– Integrated Arm Controller (top left): contains motor controllers, encoder inputs and an ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller, that handles the arm and gripper movements
– Body shield (top right): this panel is an extension board that connects the body devices to the body microcontroller. Features include: I2C for accel/gyro/magnetometer, CO2 sensor, 4 wheel motor control, spine length control and battery monitoring.
– custom USB HID device (bottom left): featuring 15 analog, 1 encoder, 32 digital channels, with integrated microcontroller
– head distributor board (bottom right): this panel contains a switching power supply for the gripper motors, a servo hub and a USB hub in a compact form factor.

Hope to get all these working next weekend, and get the new arm and body platform started.

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