August 28, 2016 Márton Krauter

Rescube Robotics @ Drónverseny & Robotika Show

It is our great pleasure to have the opportunity to share yet another invitation with you: on 10th of September we will exhibit at the “Drónverseny és Robotika Show” (Drone Race and Robotics Show) hosted by Drone Prix Hungary.

The whole day event welcomes everyone interested in drones and robotics with exciting programs: besides organizing the championship final for national drone race competition in one of the largest indoor racetrack of the world there will also be exciting presentations and shows. We also hold a presentation, once we know the exact schedule, we will let you know.

“On September 10, 2016 we are going to celebrate the Hungarian robotics and drone community with a spectacular show at the Budapest Fair Center (Hungexpo). At the exhibition of the »superlatives« there will be exciting drone races, the greatest Hungarian universities, scientific presentations, drone-sumo, FPV model car, FPV Go-Kart, Lego Mindstorms, Robocup, KUKA Robotics, Puli Space Project, virtual reality, robot and drone building workshops awaiting for the public.

The final for the Drone Prix Hungary competition series will be organized in one of the worlds largest indoor racetrack with visual elements never seen before in Hungary. Besides the competition our guests can meet the most modern industrial, agricultural and racing drones. Our hosts will let you try flying the multicopters but also you can experience flying in virtual reality. For the fanboys and girls of cars there will be an FPV RC-car competition and also a FPV Go-Kart race organized. At the 100 square meters huge stand of the Puli Space project you can even try to operate a real robot at their moon-base scenery.

At the presentations you will find interesting topics about interfacing humans and robots, the most recent trends in the industrial computation, weather science, Mars exploration, the Higgs bozon and the dark matter, Google Lunar XPRIZE. At our exhibition the key players of industrial robotics and representatives of the top notch Hungarian universities and science institutions will show up, and also you can buy anything that is needed for flying a drone. We guarantee that anyone between the age of 0 and 99 will find an interesting program at the Drone Race and Robotics Show!”

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The guys from our team are already busy building the huge scenery for our stand and we are super excited of the chance of being able to introduce you the challenges a search-and-rescue robot faces in a real competition.

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See you all on Saturday!