July 2, 2016 Márton Krauter

Quick news from the World Championship

As you may know, Rescube Robotics is competing at one of the world’s largest Robotics Championship, the RoboCup in Leipzig, Germany. The prestigous event hosts 3500 competitors from around 40 countries, in the Rescue Robot League there are 19 teams from South Korea to Mexico.

Our apologies for the rare news: even at the last time everyone tries to do his best to make our robot even more dexterous, clever and reliable. We don’t sleep much, but in exchange we are pretty happy each time we look at the scoreboard.

Short news:

  • After the second day of the three day qualification phase we are at the 8th place
  • This means we have a good chance to enter the finals on Sunday (probably the first 10 team);

Once we know the final results, we will let you know (and probably we will not sleep tonight again…).

Finally some photos from the first two days: