February 5, 2017 Péter Kopiás

We’re on the Flir Developer Community page

glyciphage sr 500mg price As some of you might already know, we’ve started using the FLIR Lepton sensors early on in the end of 2014.

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thorazine where to buy These thermal sensors were the first to have accessible prices, and their small size make them especially fit for smaller robotics projects.

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ciplox eye drops price Today these sensors are available not just as phone peripherals, but the Cat S60 phone already has the thermal camera built in.

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lumigan eye drops price philippines A few days ago the Rescube Robot got presented the FLIR developer community page: https://lepton.flir.com/community-showcase-items/robocup-rescue-league-robot/

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emsam where to buy Hope to get FLIR onboard on our 2017 RoboCup Rescube League robot.

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